Wipe Your Eyes Shotgun Team League

Wipe Your Eyes Shotgun Team League

This is a team league, each team will consist of two shooters. The league will be held for a 5 week period. The dates will be June 5th, 12th, 19th, 26th and July 3rd . Shooting will start at 5:00 PM sharp and each team will complete two rounds. As such, it is a commitment from each team to compete on the scheduled dates. If a team fails to show, they will receive a 0 score for that day.


Each team will consist of 2 members. Prior to being called to the line the first shooter of each team will be determined, (note, the first shooter of a team will rotate from station to station). When called to the firing line by the range master the first shooter in position #1 will call for a clay, aim and fire, if that shooter misses the clay the team partner may shoot at the same clay. This sequence follows through positions 2, 3, 4 and 5. After 5 rounds the teams rotate to the next position.

This will be the third year that we have run this program. There will be a few changes as to the cost. In previous years it has been $100 per team. This covered the cost of the awards, clays and dinner at Buckeys at the end. The change will be the new cost will be $50.00 per team which will cover the cost of the awards and the clays only. We still would like to have the dinner at the end but each member will be responsible for their own meal and beverages.

We can decide the date for the meal on July 3rd. In the past this has been a fun event filled with good camaraderie and an occasional bit of light ribbing.


A two member team must hit a clay before the clay hits the ground. They must properly load and, as necessary, unload their firearms safely and in cadence with the other teams on the trap deck.
Participants will use their shotgun of choice and ammunition as well as eye and ear protection in accordance with WSC range rules.


All WSC policies and rules shall be in effect including WSC range rules, trap etiquette, safety procedures, and if appropriate, one day membership/junior membership policies. Day of event set-up and registration will begin a half hour prior to the start time. A range safety briefing will be conducted by the event leader, or designee, prior to the start of the event.

Event Sequence

Five teams will assemble on the trap deck, one team at each station. There will be one range master and one RSO on the deck. The range master will be responsible for releasing the clays upon call and tracking score. He is also responsible for calling hits and fouls. The RSO will be responsible for assuring that each team properly loads and unloads firearms as the event progresses. The team at station one may load and make ready when called to the firing line by the RSO. Only the team at station two may load prior to being called to the firing line. The RSO will call team two to the firing line and team two may them make ready and call for a clay and so on down the line.

The first member of the team will call for a clay. The first member of the team will shoot, if the clay is hit the second member of the team will not fire and will immediately unload his or her firearm. If the first team member misses the clay the second team member will fire to hit the clay. Team members may not fire at the same time. The first member must fire prior to the second member firing.


The range master, or designee, will be responsible for keeping score. The determination of a hit will be the range master’s sole responsibility. If the first shooter hits the clay the score is 1. If both miss the score is 0, if the second shooter hits the clay the score is 2 points. If the first shooter fires prior to the clay leaving the trap house a foul will be called and the score will be -2 points. Simultaneous firing at a clay by team members will also be a foul and the score will be -2 points. Fouls will be determined and called by the range master.

Wipe Your Eyes Group 1

WIPE YOUR EYES GROUP, Celebrating the completion of the 1st round , 2nd round started 7/24/2023. Great fun!