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The Winnipesaukee Sportsmen's Club is an organization that focuses on Safety and is community focused.

2024 Club Championship

Date – August 17-18, 2024
Rain date – August 24-25 2024

Day One- Rifle range

First event: Steel challenge– A center-fire rifle (usually AR-15)  with any sighting system you prefer, event comprising of 5 shots at steel plates at 50 yds and 20 shots at steel plates at 100 yds.   The first run through is done from a bench rest.  A second run is off-hand (standing).  Total of 50 rounds.  The runs are timed and each hit is -5 seconds from your run time and each miss is + 10 seconds to your run.  Accuracy is more important than speed.

  • From bench, Top 5 get points. 1st-15 points, 2nd-10 points, 3rd-7point, 4th-4 points, 5th-1 point. THESE POINT TOTALS WILL BE STANDARD THROUGHOUT ALL EVENTS.
  • Off hand, Top 5 get points.

Second Event: Rifle Pin Shoot– Standard Club rules but will be a double* elimination tournament.  Bracket will be arranged into appropriate format depending on number of entrants. If there is an uneven number of participants, the winner of the  “Off hand” steel challenge will be given a bye to second round.

  • Semi Auto, Top 5 get points.
  • Manual Action, Top 5 get points.

Break for Lunch – Cookout?

Third Event: Trap Shoot

  • Round one: 5 rounds from each position, clays will be fired in a standard trap format. Top 5 totals out of 25 will get points.
  • If there are tie scores then both(or more) shooters will get the point total for that place and it will skip to the next appropriate place. Example- two shooters get all 25 and the next best score is 24. Score will be 15 points each to the top shooters and 7 points for what will be a third place shooter.
  • Round two: 5 rounds from each position, clays shot in “wobble mode”. Top 5 scores will get points.

Day 2- Pistol Shed

First event: Pistol Pin Shoot. Standard Club Rules but will be a double* elimination bracket with consolation rounds in the same style as the rifle pin shoot. Same bye as rifle pin shoot will be applied as needed.

  • Centerfire, Top 5 get points
  • Rimfire, Top 5 get points

Second Event: Comprehensive Pistol. Standard club rules. We don’t use bowling pin anymore, we use steel plates.  The concept is the same.  One time through. Top 5 Scores will get points.

Entrance fee:     $20 per event.         $80 for all 5 events

* – Rifle and Handgun pin shoot format may change from double elimination to single elimination based on the number of shooters. Details to be finalized as soon as possible.

Congratulations to the recipients of the 2023 WSC Scholarships:

Madison Colby
Madison Colby

Madison Colby graduated Moultonborough Academy with honors and will be attending The University of New Hampshire this Fall.

Trenton Littlefield
Trenton Littlefield

Trenton Littlefield graduated Kennett High School with honors. Trenton will be doing an internship with NASA in Houston Texas this summer and attending Central Main College this Fall. Here is the link to the article about Trenton’s internship with NASA.

Shooting Time

Monday - Saturday

9AM to Sunset


11AM to Sunset